At Optimum Care Physical Therapy, we are committed to our patients’ satisfaction and complete recovery. Below you’ll find a number of testimonials from current and former patients alike regarding Dr. Fatima Junaid and her staff. If you would like to submit your own testimonial about the treatment services you received at Optimum Care, please contact us today.

“Dr. Fatima has worked wonders with me. She pushed me to work hard to regain strength and mobility in my ankle. I am so appreciative of her knowledge and support during this difficult time”

Thank You!

M.N – Teacher

“Dr. Fatima is a wonderful doctor. She really has pushed me to gain strength in my knee and I’m grateful that I have no pain in my knee anymore. Great doctor”

Thank You!

S.P – House wife

“My treatment here at Optimum Care Physical Therapy is awesome. The staff is very helpful and careful”

A.K – Driver

“I, Earlean Nesbitt, have received excellent physical therapy at Optimum Care Physical Therapy, LLC. Since I have arrived, I have experienced excellent care and love from Ms. Fatima. She is a wonderful person and is so very professional. I would recommend others to come for physical therapy here at Optimum Care”

E.N – Business Owner

“After my car accident, I am recovering well through the physical therapy. I am thoroughly content and sincerely appreciate Fatima Junaid’s kind manners and effective treatments”

E.J.K – Owner

“Since I hurt my back and was recommended to Dr. Fatima Junaid. I had both a helpful and fun amount of work-outs/stretches that gave great relief to my back. She even explained why other parts of my body would hurt and helped with correcting those parts too. I can’t express how grateful I am to her. She cares to know her patients. She’s funny, energizing, interactive and truthful with her patients. You’ll like her (kind of hard not to) Thank You again!”

S.E – Student

“After my treatment at Optimum Care Physical Therapy, my knee has been feeling better than before. The staff is kind and helpful. My treatment was very effective. I appreciate them a lot for all their work”

C.D.E – Worker

“I am so much better off since coming for treatment. I’ve only been running for a year and set a goal of running in this year’s Peachtree Road Race. Not only did I finish the race but I did it without any pain or even discomfort in my knee! Thank You Dr. Junaid!”

S. J – Self employed

“Thank You so much for helping me gain back my mobility in my foot”

S.G – Student

“Great place for physical therapy. The staff is kind and very professional with what they do. The location is convenient however, the office itself is small but they time accordingly to make you feel comfortable. Overall, I am pleased with the staff and how professional they are and how they helped me recover from my injury”

S.R – Student

“Thank you Optimum Care team. You guys are great. You guys were a great support to my family. Thanks for working so hard with Dulce she has her beautiful smile back. We will always remember you guys and your kindness. May God always bless you guys. We will miss you guys”

A.G  – Student

“Optimum Care has been very accommodating throughout my entire experience here. Staff was very helpful and patient. Willing to go out of their way to help me with scheduling. I highly recommend Optimum Care Physical Therapy not just for the calm, welcoming environment but for the very personable staff!”

M.G  – Costco worker

“Todo muy profesional , organizado, me siento muy recuperado, buenas terapias. Todos los ejercicios me a sentido bien en mi pierna”

W.A – Walmart worker

“Very friendly, they get the job done”

A. D – Worker

They provide you best exercises and home program, they really cares.

Robert, Patient

They greet you and treat you very special, therapist is very knowledgeable and attentive.

Jackson Julie.

They are amazing with best staff and care. I was barely able to move my shoulder after my rotator cuff surgery and now it is good as new. Highly recommends this place.

Maria R.

Everyone is friendly and ready to help always.

Adam Omar

This place is truly amazing. My leg was numb due to my low back condition. They took care of me very well and I feel much better now and walking a lot better.

Folger Mouse

I was so scared after my full rotator cuff surgery but Dr. Fatima reassured me and work with me with patiently. She gave me home exercises as well, I feel much better and happy with progress. If you need physical therapy, Optimum care is the place to go.

R.P- injured worker